Client OS Migrations

Updating or changing systems that you rely upon can be complicated and delicate work, however necessary. Updated Operating System environments come with crucial new functionality and security patches, and lagging behind can be dangerous. We can help you with a smooth transition, upgrading your existing OS or deploying a new one while retaining all of your data and migrating your applications. Every step of the way, from envisioning and planning to developing and deploying will help you reduce costs and make your processes more efficient.


Server Rooms Setup

An in-house server has many advantages for companies of all sizes: security of data, control, and reliability are a few of them. Organizing a server room, however, requires experience and planning to minimize complications and allow you to expand in the future. Everything has to be planned out, from wiring and cooling to connections and terminating outputs. We will configure your power and UPS equipment and ensure that you have the best possible server setup, whether wired or wireless.

server room setup toronto

Server infrastructure setups

On-premises Server Infrastructure Setups

Software and hardware are two sides of the same coin, and your digital architecture is just as important as your physical server setup. Our professional approach takes the proper steps and precautions to maximize your server uptime and minimize bugs and issues. Whatever the size of your company, a proper software setup contributes to:

  • Efficiency in your processes
  • Proper security to safeguard your sensitive data
  • Tailored OS and domain configuration


Virtualization has been proven to be a key technology in helping organizations remain profitable and competitive in the modern business environment. Even if your organization is new to this technology, you can still realize its benefits. In addition to hardware savings from consolidation, we can reduce your IT footprint, helping your organization to reclaim capacity (space, power and cooling) and delay costly expansion plans.

Other benefits include the ability to:

  • Streamline testing and development
  • Accelerate resource provisioning and workload balancing
  • Provide affordable business continuity
  • Support high system availability and workload consolidation

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