VI Professional Solutions Inc. offers all of the benefits that a dedicated in-house IT team does, without the hassle of having to coordinate, manage and maintain that team. In other words, we're here to provide you with all of the technical assistance that you require, so you can focus on doing what's most important - running your business!

We offer a wide variety of different managed IT services that are all fully tailored to meet your company's exact requirements, including IT consulting services, Hyper-V Virtualization services, Hybrid Private Cloud services, Hosted Desktop services and Office 365 implementation.

There are thousands of companies operating in the Toronto area and whilst a full time IT department would be an unnecessary expense for many of them, invariably some level of IT support is required and VI Professional Solutions Inc. is the perfect solution in those instances.

Technology has become a major part of just about any business and IT is now so much more than hard drives and processors; it often plays a vital role in customer service systems and the streamlining of processes that are integral to a company's success. The question is can you afford not to have a dedicated IT support team when your competitors most probably do have one?

Why Choose VI Professional Solutions Inc?

There are dozens of different managed IT services in Toronto, so why should you choose VI Professional Solutions Inc. over the rest? Here's why:

• We Know IT- Our team is made up of experienced professionals that have years of experience working within the IT industry. Our hiring guidelines are very strict and our employees are capable of dealing with even the most complex of tasks.
• Comprehensive Solution - We aren't just a team of techs though; we're the all-in-one solution that you've been searching for, able to plan, deliver, measure and analyse before optimizing to ensure that your business is being run as efficiently as possible.
• Effective Communication - Many people complain of managed IT services only speaking "tech language" but we can explain anything you need to know in plain English so you know what's going on at all times. This helps us to integrate effortlessly into your organization.

We're in the business of making light work of IT support tasks, providing you with excellent staff that know how to use the latest technology, as well as manage real relationships simultaneously. Contact us today and start experiencing the benefits that hundreds of other companies in Toronto are already enjoying.

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