In today’s business environment small companies often find themselves butting straight up against huge multinational conglomerates with enormous human and technological resources at their disposal in “David vs. Goliath” style face-offs. In such an environment the small business owner needs every advantage they can get their hands on and Microsoft Office 365 can be one of those advantages.


Microsoft’s subscription-based Office 365 seamlessly integrates with your existing Office applications while providing you the flexibility of the cloud along with other features like disaster recovery and desktop productivity apps. And while 365 will no doubt find a home in many of the aforementioned multinationals its true value lies in its ability to provide David with the same tools being used by Goliath at an affordable price. Some of those tools include:

  • Full cross-platform accessibility to all your emails, contacts and documents.
  • 9% uptime guarantee, robust security controls, geo-redundancy, video conferencing and unified messaging.
  • Elimination of the need for retraining as staff are working with familiar software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.
  • An affordable pay-as-you-go pricing structure that provides the financial flexibility small and mid-sized companies need to remain competitive.

In addition to those great features Office 365 offers customizable deployment which means you’re not required to move all your information to the cloud to get started. You can choose to retain your onsite capabilities for now or implement a hybrid environment that combines the new cloud features and services with your present onsite infrastructure.


And one more thing: If you’ve never liked the murky way Google Apps deals with privacy issues you’ll appreciate the Office 365 privacy policy as well. They lay out in no uncertain terms that they won’t recycle your information for advertising purposes. Think about that next time you’re wondering how that strangely personal adWords banner wound up in your browser window.

Office 365 implementation can provide your small or mid-sized company with the tools it needs to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving business environment. VI Professional Solutions Inc can manage all aspects of your 365 implementations for you to ensure a smooth transition and to guarantee you get the most from this groundbreaking software-plus service. Call us today at (905) 370-0324 to find out more about Office 365 implementation or any of our other managed IT service offerings.