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Explore our insightful blog, '10 Benefits of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Your Business.’ Discover how partnering with an MSP can revolutionize your IT strategy and drive business growth. Click here to read more.

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Amazing Microsoft Partner and Vendor you can trust! VI Professional Solutions has a broad knowledge not only on Microsoft products and services but for any infrastructure/solution needs. Working collaboratively in various companies for almost 10 years, they have pointed out various pain-points and savings opportunity by gaining a quick grasp of our business needs, prioritizing the numerous projects we had in front of us, and formulating an attack plan with our executives and communicate the business impact to all employees. I recommend them without reservation!

Jeff Ardielli
National Manager, IT Development and Infrastructure


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Vi Professional Solutions Inc. is a managed service provider offering IT consulting, support services, and more across the Greater Toronto Area, Kingston, Calgary, Barrie, and the surrounding areas.