Case Studies

Spicers Canada Limited


Following the PaperlinX sale of its US affiliates in 2012, Spicers Canada set out to build an independent information technology platform for its Canadian business and, in the process, to maximize its technology investment – quickly and efficiently. Working with an existing cloud solution, Spicers Canada maintained numerous, segregated software licensing agreements, a mishmash of hardware assets (from servers and desktops to laptops and smart phones) and an IT culture that had become reactive.


Veteran IT pro Jeff Ardielli joined the IT ranks at Spicers Canada and partnered up with IT consultants VI Professional Solutions Inc. ( With Spicers’ operational and cultural goals top of mind, the revitalized Spicers tech team swiftly A) completed an IT audit; B) developed a new IT vision and roadmap; and C) executed their plan, moving the company to a new generation of technology in just four months. Along the way, Ardielli set into place new “IT as a service” philosophy within Spicers Canada.

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Blueballoon Health Services


With more than a hundred employees working across multiple sites, blueballoon needed to provide easy access to email and collaboration tools with a solution that was simple to manage and use remotely.


Microsoft Office 365 brought cloud-based email, productivity, and virtual conferencing tools to blueballoon’s distributed workforce, saving time and enabling better service.


  • Anywhere access to tools
  • Simple, affordable deployment
  • Easy virtual conferencing
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