Microsoft’s Hyper-V suite of utilities enhance management of your virtual machines by replacing the existing driver system files for various control components with the goal of optimizing end-user experience. It also provides a heartbeat for your virtual machines as well as file interoperability and more.


A virtual machine (VM) is a PC emulation that can be booted up and run with any guest operating system you wish. Some of the major reasons you’d want to create a VM include:

  • To Run Old Apps – Maybe you need to give an old app another go round but it won’t run on Windows 8. It will run on your virtual machine however and you’ll be able to glean whatever particular nugget you were looking for.
  • To Access Infected Data – Create a snapshot of your VM then open the infected file. Either everything will go berserk and be of no use or you’ll gain access to the infected data. Whatever the outcome your computer will be insulated from harm the virus would normally cause.
  • To Run Linux or Mac Apps – Mac and Linux users have long used VMs to run Windows software on their computers. With a VM you can turn the tide and run those Mac or Linux programs on your PC.


As stated, Hyper-V virtualization services will help your virtual machines run more efficiently and effectively which will allow you to more easily:

  • Consolidate – No more need to dedicate an entire server to a single application. Set up as many VMs as you want and consolidate operations significantly.
  • Institute Redundancies – Run the same app on multiple VMs and if one goes down your operation doesn’t skip a beat.
  • Protect Against Obsolescence – No need to retire legacy servers and the services they provide. Run them using a VM on your new server and buy yourself time to transition.

Any company interested in getting the most out of their expensive hardware and software purchases will find Hyper-V virtualization services useful. Virtualization is the key to maintaining a lean, profitable, competitive company. VI Professional Services Inc can help you make the most of this important technology by implementing a virtualization program for you that will help you reclaim capacity, reduce operating expenses and delay the need for new hardware purchases. Call us today at (905) 370-0324 to find out more about how Hyper-V can help keep you in the game.