Before we dive into the benefits that the Hyper-V virtualization platform can offer, we’re going to briefly talk about what virtualization actually is. Rather unknowingly to many people, it’s something that has become a big part of everyday life and in its basic form it is the creation of a virtual IT platform that includes everything that you would typically find on a physical desktop, such as an operating system, data storage facilities and applications. This process is made possible by the installation of a special piece of software known as the hypervisor, which is a sort of transitional layer that sits between the virtual world and the physical world. This technology utilizes the hardware that’s physically in your possession to run a virtual workspace.


Here’s Why Yours Should Too

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization platform and was first released back in 2008, and while it has faced stiff competition from other platforms, such as VMware vSphere, it offers a number of benefits to the end user, including:

  • Squeeze the Most Out of Every Day – With physical servers, maintenance often results in downtime (which lowers productivity) for some of the computers in the office, new servers can take considerable amounts of time to deploy and putting a disaster plan in place is extremely difficult and never “air-tight.” Hyper-V virtualization services can change all that and all of these tasks can be completed in minutes as opposed to hours, freeing up your IT staff to get on with tasks that have a greater impact on company growth and minimizing the amount of downtime your staff experience each week.
  • Secure and Stable – Hyper-V utilizes what’s known as a microkernelized hypervisor, which means that device drivers are stored on individual virtual machines and the disk partitions associated with them in a compartmentalized fashion. This makes the platform much less vulnerable to attacks from viruses and hackers, since each virtual machine that is utilized would need to be accessed to have any real impact upon the platform. On other virtualization platforms that aren’t compartmentalized, hacking into the hypervisor would be enough to wreak havoc. This also makes the platform more stable, as if one of the virtual machines Hyper-V uses becomes unstable, it won’t bring the entire network down.
  • Windows Based Platform – Some other virtualization platforms have a relatively steep learning curve and can take a while for your staff to get used to. However, as the Hyper-V platform is windows based, many people are already familiar with the interface and can begin using it effectively very quickly.


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